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Video: A Closer Look at Gant by Michael Bastian Spring 2013

The Galapagos Islands were an apt inspiration for Michael Bastian to pull from for his Spring 2013 lineup at Gant, considering that the animal inhabitants of those equatorial islands are known for their interesting evolution over the years and the s…

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The Week in Style: 2.15.13

How to dress like an old guy, the coolest dandy look from the streets, and the most obnoxious dresser from the Grammys

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Special Feature | Why Games Based on Movies Disappeared (And Why They’re Coming Back)

Making movie-games was actually a lot riskier than it seemed from the outside. And a few industry shifts were all it took for the whole house of cards to come down.

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Times Reporter Disputes Tesla’s Claims, ‘Cannot Account’ for Data Conflict

New York Times reporter John Broder responded in detail Thursday to Tesla president Elon Musk’s data-driven takedown of Broder’s review of the Model S sedan.

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The Mystery Behind Justin Timberlake’s New Suit & Tie Music Video


J.T. finally dropped the official video for Suit & Tie, not to be confused with the just as long lyric video, and while the David Fincher directed clip is a nice reminder of Timberlake’s does-it-all talent, we can’t stop wondering what cereal J.T. was chowing down on (and, honestly why it’s in there at all). Is he a healthy Kashi-type? Does he go full-tilt Lucky Charms? Down the middle Honey Nut Cheerios? Inquiring minds need to know. Sleuth it out for yourself after the jump.

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