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Exclusive First Look: Saint Laurent’s Four Color Fall Ads

We’re not saying Hedi Slimane’s abandoning his moden minimalist aesthetics for the house of Yves Saint Laurent, but it is worth noting that the designer is breaking from his previously stark black and white images to promote the brand. The …

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On the Air | Game|Life Podcast Talks E3 Rumors, Nintendo Announcements and PR Disasters

What’s gonna happen at E3? We have no idea.

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‘Stocks Rising: Are Birkenstocks Back for Good?

I know what you’re thinking: “Really, GQ? Birkenstocks? Aren’t those reserved for hippies running food co-ops or your friendly ’90s-enthusiast Portland barista?” Well, hear me out. ‘Stocks are having a moment and, trust me, you’re about to see them eve…

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Adam DeVine’s Guide to Shaving Your Junk


Once the domain of over-immaculate Speedo types, manscaping is part of the grooming, well, landscape nowadays—and for some dudes, that includes their land down under. It’s 2013, shaving your balls is officially a thing now, and you’re gonna have to deal with it. But with plenty of unkempt slackers and late adopters out there, we hit up Workaholics star and expert junk groomer Adam DeVine to help push mankind forward. “You wanna take your time,” he said. “Run some warm water, play some Coldplay, and just have a sensual, intimate evening with yourself in your bathroom area.” The comedian, who’s currently repping Norelco’s Click & Style shaver and concocting some hilarious Funny or Die videos in the process, shared the knowledge he’s gleaned from years of, uh, clipping the sack. From avoiding the prepubescent-boy shave to looking like you’ve got a “porno hog,” here is the ultimate guide for handling a hairy situation down below.

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Gilt and Northern Grade Bring Made in the U.S.A. to the Masses

Katherine and Mac McMillan, the duo behind Pierrepont Hicks, wanted to bring more attention to made in the U.S.A. goods with Northern Grade are doing just that, teaming up with Gilt in the process to bring the whole thing to life. Rounding up some of…

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