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12 Very Low-Maintenance Sex Positions

For when you don’t necessarily want to, but still want to. 

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The Most Expensive Production Cars You Can Buy Today

​On today’s Internet, lists of super-expensive cars are about as common as revolutionary ab-sculpting breakthroughs and ice-cream-pooping unicorns. The issue with creating a list such as this, however, is that the market is constantly in flux, making it nigh impossible to separate the hype from reality. 

That didn’t deter us. Here was our criteria: Selections must have been produced in 2015 or 2016 and been certified for sale in the U.S. as a new vehicle. We also omitted models where the entire production run is confirmed to be sold out. To nip never-ending debates in the bud, only base prices counted.  Finally, we ruled out some ultra-low-volume models only available to underworld chiefs, meaning finding one—and we called several dealers—won’t happen. We also include destination charges and any gas-guzzler taxes that are known and/or applicable.

This curated list represents the priciest rolling stock actually available today to anyone in America with the means. Choose wisely!

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You’re Gonna Want to Look at This Porsche 911R from Every Angle

​The 4.0 liter, 500 hp, 911 R exists for the Porsche fan that wants the ultimate, pure, street car experience. It’s also gorgeous. You want to look at every single angle. 

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The 40 Most Valuable Toys From Your Childhood

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14 of the Best-Sounding Turbocharged Cars of All Time

​Headphones strongly suggested.

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