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Is A T-Shirt Stylish? | When It Is (and ISN’T!) OK To Wear A T-shirt.

  T-shirts.Is A T-Shirt Stylish? We all have them. They’re a men’s wardrobe staple. But can they be stylish? Is there such a thing as ‘tshirt style’? My answer to this question might surprise you. Yes. At RMRS, our focus has always been on timeless style. And that doesn’t just mean suits and dress shirts. T-shirts are a classic, versatile piece of clothing and believe it or not, the humble t-shirt – utilized properly – can elevate your style to the next level. But you have to do it right. This video is an excerpt from an interview I did with Carlos Gil. Carlos is an Entrepreneur, Brand Marketing Executive, Start-up Founder and Public Speaker with 8+ years leading social media marketing and strategy for global brands. You can check out his website, here. Click Here To Watch The Video – Is A T-Shirt Stylish?
Click Here To Watch The Video – Is A T-Shirt Stylish?   So without further ado, read on to find out how you can rock the t-shirt.

#1. Keep It Simple

When it comes to the t-shirt, less really is more. Keep it simple. Unless you are intentionally promoting a brand or company, you should stick to a plain t-shirt. You don’t need slogans or funny sentences to make a statement. We’ve all seen “that guy” at the party. T-shirts sporting these statements are fine for teenagers but not for gentlemen. It’s the equivalent of wearing a novelty tie at the office – just don’t do it, at least if you want yourself taken seriously. Keep it simple and keep it classy. Another benefit of wearing a plain t-shirt is that you can easily dress it up with a blazer, sports-coat or leather jacket. Hollywood legends like James Dean and Marlon Brando perfected this look so take your time to do some research and see what works for you.

#2. Does It Fit?

Because the t-shirt is such a simple garment, fit is everything. Make sure your t-shirt fits you properly. It should feel like a second skin. Baggy, ill-fitting t-shirts are not a good look – they look sloppy and are synonymous with the infamous ‘dad style’ (not a good look, even on dads!). Your t-shirt should fit snugly around the torso and arms. You should be mindful to purchase the best quality you can – a lot of cheaper shirts will lose their shape after a couple of washes. You should also take care to dress for your body type. If you hit the gym, a tighter t-shirt will show off your physique but if you’re a larger gentleman, you should opt for a slightly looser t-shirt. Your t-shirt’s sleeves should end around half way between your elbow and shoulder and your t-shirt should come down to and just overlap your belt. Any longer, and you risk looking like you’re wearing a nightie and any shorter and you risk showing your back / belly every time you move or bend down. And of course – never tuck your t-shirt in. Looks just plain ridiculous.

#3. Dress For The Occasion

Remember, dressing is an art form and you should always know how to dress appropriately for any given occasion. Generally speaking, t-shirts are not appropriate for formal events – in the same way a tuxedo is inappropriate for informal events. There are of course exceptions to this rule but you should make sure you know the dress code and dress appropriately. So now you know how to rock the t-shirt and how to turn a simple piece of clothing into a great statement piece. But looking the part is only half the challenge – you need to back this up with substance – “the goods”. What do I mean by the goods? Here’s an example. My friend Carlos Gil has the goods: 8+ years’ experience in B2B and B2C social media marketing as a Start-up Founder, Brand Marketing Executive, and Public Speaker. Carlos is an expert in utilising social media as a means to network and rebrand people. It was through LinkedIn where Carlos became inspired to help other out of work professionals like him find employment and as a result of his own layoff, JobsDirectUSA was born. His outlook on life and business is simple: anything is possible when you build relationships, do well for others, and add value. He’s a great guy, a good friend of mine. If you liked the video we did together, I highly recommend that you check out Carlo’s website, here and learn how to deliver the good by yourself. It can be done, even in a t-shirt. The post Tshirt Style appeared first on Real Men Real Style.