In Review: The J. Crew Moon Mills Tweed Blazer

by on 06/11/18 at 12:00 pm

Ludlow Herringbone Tweed Blazer – $178.80 w/ WHYWAIT ($298)

About the Author: Adam Z. is a recently turned 40 project manager for a biomedical research and education institution who is enjoying academia after years living the corporate life. He enjoys singing old school R&B in the car to embarrass his kids, going out to eat with his wife, photography, good scotch and whiskey, and taking a walk with a cigar. ***NOTE*** It appears that the classic fit options have disappeared from the J. Crew site? ALSO… these blazers clearly appear to be up for the 40% off WHYWAIT code, but at checkout they say they’re excluded. A call or a chat with customer service might be worth your time. The first item to note when reviewing the J Crew Ludlow Blazer in herringbone English tweed is the color. For the blazer being reviewed here, the website lists the color as “rust herringbone”, but make no mistake – it’s brown. Rust, to me, would lean towards a red/orange tone but this blazer is more of a chocolate color. That being said, I wasn’t disappointed in the color in the least. Ludlow Herringbone Tweed Blazer

Available in grey, “rust,” or blue.

The herringbone pattern is unmistakable and lends a nice depth to the garment. The tan/cream flecks in the wool/cotton blend cloth enhances the pattern. I was able to get it during a rare sale event when it wasn’t excluded, and purchasing at 40% off took the retail price from $298 down to $178.80. In Review: The J. Crew Moon Mills Tweed Blazer |

The “Rust” color. More brown than reddish-brown. 

The Ludlow fit as compared to the standard fit is trimmer but the material moves well (especially for tweed) with the wearer and didn’t feel restrictive. I wear a 42/s on a 5’9″ 180-185 pound frame. Slimmer fit blazers and sport coats sometimes work for me and sometimes they’re a terrible, terrible mistake.  I figured I could always swap this for the classic fit version but I intend on keeping the Ludlow. In Review: The J. Crew Moon Mills Tweed Blazer |

And unaltered, 42/s on 5’9″ 180-185 pounds.

I was able to put the blazer on and wear it without any tailoring, which is unusual for me. Sometimes with slimmer cut blazers and jackets I would have problems with a roll at the neck line but that was not happening here. I usually need some work on the sleeves but the short length seemed to do the trick for me. If you’re around 5’9″ and prefer a bit more length to the tail of the jacket, get a regular. But just know you’ll probably need the sleeves to be shortened a bit. But, the sleeve buttons are non-functioning so for those that do require tailoring, you’re in luck. The shoulders have a softer padding that is flexible and doesn’t constrict arm movement or make you look like a middle linebacker. In Review: The J. Crew Moon Mills Tweed Blazer |

Shirt cuff showing!

Chest has a welt pocket and the lower pockets are patches with flaps. The lapel is narrow but not ludicrously so – I was initially concerned with this as I prefer more standard width lapels. There is a double vent in the back with partial lining that is limited to the shoulders/arms.  This isn’t the type of blazer that’s going to keep a cold winter wind away, but it’s still warm enough to wear by itself over a dress shirt in the initial stages of a Northeast US autumn. The lining (or lack thereof) lends an airier feel than other tweed blazers I’ve owned, and makes this ideal for layering under an overcoat as it’s not going to make you swelter. In Review: The J. Crew Moon Mills Tweed Blazer |

Professorial vibes.

All of these elements provide the blazer a more casual look and feel. I went from a semi-rigid corporate dress code to working at a university and it’s pretty much a requirement that you have at least one tweed jacket. This is a wonderful one to have in your wardrobe. Having worn the blazer a few times, what has impressed me most was the feel of the cloth and the weave of the material – it’s very soft to the touch and the weave is tight. It drapes well and looks as good at the end of the day as it does when you slip it on in the morning. In Review: The J. Crew Moon Mills Tweed Blazer |

Structure is on the lighter side, which is rare for tweed. Non functioning sleeve cuff buttons will make for easy tailoring if you need any done.

It’s easy enough to style – the blazer looks equally good with khakis and a thin blue sweater one day and jeans and a white oxford cloth button down the next. I’ve had the blazer in hand for about two weeks now and have worn it to work and to casual settings and I’ve received multiple compliments on the garment. The versatility of a more casual blazer was what initially attracted me to the herringbone English tweed from J Crew and I was not disappointed. You’re not going to wear this to a wedding or a job interview (unless maybe you’re a professor) but for business casual or dressing up a pair of jeans it’s a great selection. Also shown in this post: Jeans: Levi 513 Slim-Straight in dark wash. Shirt: Target Goodfellow & Company White Oxford Cloth Button Down in Standard fit. Boots: Cole Haan Lenox Hill Chelsea in Chestnut. (Appears to be discontinued?)