The Suitsupply Online Outlet is OPEN – Winter 2019

by on 07/01/19 at 4:35 pm

FINALSALES = Access to the just re-opened Suitsupply Outlet

WARNING: All sales are final here. No returns or exchanges (just in case the FINALSALES code didn’t clue you in, and yes, there’s an “S” in the code). But… this is still kind of a big deal. For a few years there the outlet was no more. Now? It opens once or twice a year (for a winter and summer clearance). And it just relaunched, offering last season suits, jackets, shoes, and more at a fraction of the regular asking price.

But again, all sales are final. And some of the patterns and colors can be a bit off the beaten path. Tread carefully guys. A few quick picks are below, but know that size selection may vary greatly depending on style. And remember, this stuff can move fast. Real fast.


Protip: Looking for bags and other accessories? Once you get in, click on any of their categories, and once you’re into one of those, a new menu bar appears towards the top of the screen. Click on “accessories” and scroll down. Bags are down there.