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Don’t Sound So Cold

If you’re like us, your music doesn’t come from CDs or milk crates full of vinyl—it’s all on your iPod or your overstuffed external hard drive. And that’s okay. We’re living in a digital age. Unfortunately, listening to MP3s is like looking…

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Sprayed, Not Stirred

What: Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

Where: MCA Chicago

How Much: $20

The Details: Your party should have good drinks and conversation—conversation that doesn’t include the words “super-taster,” “mixology” or “saffron-infused bitters.” Here’s anot…

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Style Secrets of NYC’s Most In-Demand Designer


Stephen Alesch (right) with his wife Robin Standefer, who together form design firm Roman and Williams

Roman and Williams, the New York-based design team behind the Ace, just won an Interior Design Best of the Year Award (sort of like an interior design Oscar) for its work on the city’s hippest hotel. We talked to Stephen Alesch—co-principal of the firm with wife Robin Standefer— to get his thoughts on the Ace (“We definitely had these fears when we were opening, like, ‘Who’s going to come up here? Will people find it?'”) and his own personal style.

Favorite Hangout: “My office is at Lafayette and Houston, and my apartment is nearby so I’m always on Lafayette. I’ve been here ten years and never leave. I hang out at Café Select, Indochine, and La Esquina a lot. At Café Select, my wife and I always go for the simple clear broth of vichysoisse. There’s also this veal and gravy, super grandma dish with spaetzle—so simple.”

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UPDATE: Suds Done Right


A while back we posted about those cool mounted revolving soap bars that are installed in the restroom of Brooklyn’s fantastic Marlow & Sons. I was chatting with the owner of the restaurant today, who let me know that they can be purchased at for $48 a pop, which is well worth the hassle and mess you’ll avoid from putting away the hand pumps.

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